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Day 4: Eat Clean!!

Day 3 & 4 Review! Yeah!

So yesterday was decent. Pretty comparable to Day 2. I did indulge in a couple handfuls of the mini semi-sweet chocolate chips I spoke about in the last post! Lunch yesterday was the tuna-salsa lettuce wrap from an earlier post. I didn’t take enough lettuce leafs (leaves?) with me to work yesteryday, so I finished my lunch with tuna-salsa celery sticks! Haha. I was going to use them for peanut butter, but it was actually really delicious!! 🙂  Again, I had apples and a banana as my snacks during the day and for dinner I had a scrumptious dinner consisting of Southwest Chicken and mashed sweet potatoes. The Southwest Chicken is SUPER easy. I used a southwest chipotle seasoning mix to coat the boneless skinless chicken breasts (from the butcher) and toss them in the crock pot. Fill it with just enough water to cover the top of the chicken breasts. I set the crock pot on Low for 12 hours. I often get told that I can cook it for less time than that – but I’m not taking any chances!! In order to make sure it doesn’t dry out when reheated over the next couple days, I store it in a plastic container with the liquid and heat it up with some of the cooking liquid drizzled over it. It makes it nice and moist and helps hold in the flavor!! Mmmmmm Delicious!

This morning I was going to go to Subway for breakfast…buuuuut I realized I left my purse at home. FAIL. So I had a banana and some peanut butter crackers. haha. Not exactly clean (the peanut butter crackers) but, better than not eating! For my midday snack I had the most delicious grapes! They were HUUUUGE!! I’ve never seen grapes so big. And with big grapes you get…BIG SEEDS! Blech. But they were totally worth it. Lunch was the same as dinner last night and I cheated and ate a mini Nestle Crunch bar. Just one though!! And then I headed to the kitchen and grabbed my peanut butter, an apple, and a banana before I lost control on the candy!!

Tonight we are making meatloaf (this should be interesting – I’ve never made it before!) and probably finishing off the mashed sweet potatoes. There were a lot more than intended because of the soupy conundrum. It’s gonna be delicious!

Have a wonderful day and make good choices!

Below: Southwest Chipotle Chicken and Mashed Sweet Potatoes!



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