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Day 9 – Back on Track!

Hey ya’ll! I’m feeling good today. Yesterday was pretty successful. It really lifted a weight off of my shoulders to confess, into the blogosphere, my cheating rampage on Monday. I felt empowered afterwards. Like, hah, I confronted the demon…now let’s rock it’s world!!

Like I said, yesterday was pretty successful…and I did really well staying on track.

Breakfast: Almonds
Mid-Morning Snack: Orange
Lunch: Tilapia & an apple with peanut butter
Mid-Afternoon Snack: Banana
Dinner: Subway – chicken breast on whole grain bread with no cheese and no dressing.
Evening Snack: 94% Fat Free Popcorn

So – not perfect…but not too bad either! 🙂

I almost got chips at Subway to satisfy my need for crunchy food. But then I remembered I had popcorn at home and I’d rather have that anyway! You can eat so much more for not as many calories, it’s wonderful! haha.

Today, I have edamame waiting for me in the freezer and had almonds for breakfast this morning. Now, I realize that almonds might not be quite enough of a breakfast. But, it’s a start. I usually don’t eat breakfast…so I’m starting where I can and I’ll build on that.

My eating is back on track…but my exercise is not so much. It’s really hard to work it in! Ugh. I didn’t go running last night like I had planned because I was really tired after teaching Kosama for 2 hours. So…I got Subway and went home to catch up on my DVR recordings before bed. haha. I won’t be able to run today either because I taught class at 5am & 6:10am, can’t go at lunch because then I’d be all sweaty…gross, and I have class from 5-9:30pm tonight. I’m tired just thinking about it!

All I see in that last paragraph are excuses, I know. I’m still struggling with balance between overcommitting to others and committing to myself. Small steps. Focusing on food now and then will add in the running committment slowly but surely. If it stays nice outside, maybe I’ll go on a walk for my afternoon break. That’d be super! 🙂

No food pictures today, but here’s more motivation!

Make good choices.





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