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My Story

Growing up, I was an active child. A competitive gymnast from a young age, I spent 4-4.5 hours in the gym training everyday except Sundays until I was about 13yrs old. At that time, all I knew was school, gymnastics, eat on the way home, homework, bed, repeat. When I quit gymnastics, I wasn’t really sure where I fit in outside of the gym. I gravitated towards cheerleading because I would still be able to tumble, which I loved. One of my best friends was big into soccer and her dad taught the summer team that she was on – so that summer I picked up soccer. I kept these two activites up for most of highschool between cheering for the school and on a competitive team and played soccer a couple years in there too. All of this activity kept me busy and in shape. Then I went to college…that’s when everything changed.

No cheer squad at my college. I hadn’t played soccer in a couple years and had a couple knee surgeries in there…so wasn’t too enthused about getting back on the field. I played in a couple games for my University’s club team…but royally sucked it up…sooo that wasn’t going to happen. My freshman roommate and I had similar backgrounds. We were both athletes most of our lives and now living away from our families in a new state and no sports activity! We developed some bad habits. Such as studying until 2 or 3am and then heading to Burger King to get some Big Kid Meals. Hey, it wasn’t a regular sized Value Meal…so it’s not that bad, right??? Other nights we would order some Papa John’s pizza at midnight preparing for an all-night paper-writing event or finishing projects due for an 8am class the next day. Let’s just say, we weren’t thinking about our diets. Why would we? We never had to worry about things like that before. Well, I don’t know if my roommate gained any weight…but I certainly did. Most college students fear the Freshman 15…try the Freshman 30. Because that’s how much I gained my first year at school. Thirty pounds!! Are you freaking kidding me?! Fortuneately, I was able to avoid gaining MORE than that the rest of my college career. I stayed about the same weight through sporadically working out, weird dieting, and self-loathing.

Graduation. Ahh..it feels good.

After college, I moved “home” – which is loosely translated to Amarillo, TX. That’s where my family was..so that was my home, even though OKC, OK is my hometown. 🙂  During my first year home, I gained 15 pounds. Those that knew me then would always say, “where did you put it??”. My friends and family might not have noticed (or they were just being nice), but I could see it. In the way my clothes fit, the ease of getting in and out of vehicles, running out of breath taking the stairs, in pictures, and in the mirror. I was now 45 pounds heavier than when I graduated highschool. I mere 5 years later. Wow – how time flies. Over the next 2 years, again I stayed at my current weight..being careful not to gain more. Then my friends started getting married. Crap. Not in the sense that I wanted to get married, but in the sense of, I have to see everyone that I haven’t seen since I was 20 pounds lighter. And when you start small…20 lbs is a big number. Huge. The first wedding, not bad. I was feeling confident, had started running, had a sassy haircut. Whatever, it’s all good. The next wedding…Sept. 2011…not so good. I hadn’t been running, but I was feeling good about myself. I found a dress that I thought made me look slender and headed out to Denver to have a good ole’ time. When the pictures came back from the wedding…I was mortified. I had turned into “that girl”. We all know the girl I’m talking about. She’s skinny and confident and what not in school and then she leaves college/high school (where everyone is trying to impress…well everyone) and falls apart – or “gets comfortable” and gets fat. Yep, that was me. I was that girl. Damnit.

So – that was the kick in the butt I needed. I jumped on Craigslist (yes, seriously) and started searching for a solution. I navigated to the “activities” section and browsed to see what was out there. I came across an ad posting for a running partner. About my age, beginner level (while I was an athlete, I was NOT an endurance runner), looking to run in the mornings. PERFECT!! I emailed the listing and got a response pretty quickly and within the week we were off and running. Literally. 🙂  About a year later, I had lost 20 pounds and was back to feeling good. Currently, I’ve lost 25 pounds total and holding steady. I still have about 10 more pounds I want to lose…but I’m getting there. I’m getting back to being a strong athlete. I fight a battle to be motivated almost everyday. I’m now far away from my family (I’m in Iowa, they are in Texas/Oklahoma) which is stressful. In order to keep me getting up in the mornings, I started coaching at a facility that specializes in group workouts – Kosama. And I love it. I instruct in the mornings at 5am & 6:10am. I never thought I’d be a morning person, but now I am not in the best mood if I miss my morning workout. Now that I have the working out down pat with KOSAMA most days of the week, I need to work on my nutrition. Afterall, it’s 80% nutrition – 20% working out. Especially when you are working on your LAST 10-15 pounds.

On this blog, I intend to help myself stay motivated by sharing my stories and frustrations with readers. Also, I hope to offer some useful tips to those who are just starting out or who find themselves where I was 3 years ago.

Live Well,



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