Day 10: Eat Clean!

Day 10 – Review!

I did really well yesterday on keeping it clean! Mondays & Wednesdays are my most difficult days to stay on track because they are brutally long and filled with excuses to screw up. The defining moment is between classes. I usually have 30-45 minutes between class. Not enough time to go home, or Subway, cafeteria is closed at this time of night, but vending machines are open and NOW ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS!! WHAT!! Yep, it’s true…you can charge $1.00 to your credit for a Snickers from the college campus vending machine, which is exactly what I did on Monday.

Still feeling empowered from Tuesday’s post, I wanted Wednesday (yesterday) to be successful. I prepared by grabbing a big ole’ bag of edamame at lunch and stuck it in the freezer at work. Right before I left for class, I snacked on edamame so I wouldn’t be starving after the first class. I also made sure to pack extra oranges and apples in my lunch so I wouldn’t run out if in a pinch. I took my peanut butter with me, my whole wheat tortillas, and a couple apples. I definitely packed too much for the ‘between class’ break. But I know that this is my weakest moment of the day, so I needed plenty of backups to avoid hitting up the vending machine. After my first class, I sat in my car and happily painted peanut butter on a tortilla while jamming out to some music just a little too loud. 🙂 Yum. Then I enjoyed a delicious apple and slapped on some PB every couple bites. I was feeling good and ready for class. Success! No vending machine temptation here. Phew.

Here’s how the rest of my day went:

Breakfast: Almonds
Mid-Morning Snack: Peanut butter tortilla
Lunch: Chicken with onions, fresh green beans, and sweet bell peppers
Mid-Afternoon Snack: Edamame
Dinner: Peanut butter tortilla and an apple.

The boyfriend’s mom gave him some seasoned chicken that he cooked this past weekend in the crock pot. It smells good, but looks really weird so we were steering clear of it. I decided to be brave and have some for lunch. I’m not sure what the seasoning was, but it was delicious! I reheated it on the stove with a little garlic and some extra virgin olive oil then set it aside. Sauteed onions, fresh green beans, and sweet bell peppers together then added the chicken once the veggies were nice and soft. It was really yummy and I’m planning to do the same thing for lunch today!

I’m feeling good about my food choices and staying away from the mini chocolate chips and candy dish! 🙂 Go me!

Have a great day and make good choices!!



Day 3 – EAT CLEAN!

Day 2 Review: Yesterday was…good and bad.

First the good: I did really well while I was at work. Didn’t touch the candy bowl. I stared it down a few times and just walked into my office where, thankfully, I had a banana and an orange sitting in plain site. I fought the candy dish with that banana and orange! I was so excited to go home and make a delicious dinner. And if you know me, that last sentence was extremely out of character! I’ve never been known to cook. After roughly 7 months of dating, I made the boyfriend some chocolate chip banana bread and his reaction? I’m happy to know you can cook!! If it took him 7 months to realize I can cook, it tells you that I don’t do it often. 🙂 Plus, I’m pretty sure my immediate family believes I eat frozen dinners every night, they are always so surprised when I say I’m cooking. And so am I. hahaha.

I knew that I had some boneless/skinless chicken breasts just begging to be spice and flavored into delirium. As soon as I got home, I grabbed all my newly purchase spices along with some old favorites. I was opening the garlic powder (not quite sure what’d I do with it yet, but I love garlic so it would be amazing either way) when I noticed a recipe for Garlic Lime Grilled Chicken on the spice jar. Yes, that’s right. I said Garlic LIME Grilled Chicken. Well, it’s winter…so I couldn’t grill, but I could bake it! And that’s exactly what I did. I used what I had in the spice cabinet and followed the recipe with a few off-book liberties.  It was AMAZING! You can find the recipe by clicking here…it was fantastic. I’ve never baked chicken before but with a little help from the internet, I was a pro at it last night!! 🙂  Of course, I needed something to go with the chicken. It was lonely. Hmmm…glancing around the kitchen I take inventory of what’s on hand from shopping spree the other night. Sweet potatoes! I love sweet potatoes. Can you tell? I’ve never made mashed sweet potatoes before, but thought it’d be an excellent night for firsts! Again, with the help of instructions on the internet I began to embark on crafting delicious mashed sweet potatoes. The first round ended with a sweet potato soup. The picture below is the soup before I mixed in the second sweet potato. Half soup/half potatoes that are about to *hopefully* thicken it into legit mashed potatoes. I only intended to mash one sweet potato. 🙂 Success! The second potato was the perfect addition.

Now the bad: I was so hungry (what an excuse!) waiting for everything that when I opened the pantry to get honey for the potatoes…I spotted those darn mini semi-sweet chocolate chips. And then proceeded to eat a handful! By then time dinner was ready, eaten, and cleaned up I had about 6-7 handfuls of chocolate chips! AHH!! That was terrible. However, I’m still pretty stinkin’ proud of my dinner and super excited about my lunch that is waiting for me today. I’m eating left-overs from yesterday’s lunch…so that means a tuna & salsa lettuce wrap for me plus mashed sweet potatoes from last night! YAY!

Have a great day and make good choices!!

Below: Sweet Potato Soup before it became Mashed Sweet Potato!


Below: The complete masterpiece! Baked Garlic Lime Chicken with Mashed Sweet Potatoes. YUM!
Recipe: Garlic Lime Chicken – Baked


Eat Clean!

Alright – I haven’t been too consistent in my posts like I promised over the past six weeks. That is when I started the 12-week transformation challenge. I haven’t been consistent with that challenge either! But that’s ok, sometimes we fall down. The trick is getting back up and trying again!

So, I’m after it again. Working to change my life from meh- okay to freaking awesome! One positive change: I just discovered the WordPress app in iPhone!!! Duh! There’s an app for everything! Maybe now my posts will be more consistent…because I am always on this thing! 🙂

Anyway, the boyfriend and I are going to test out juicing and clean eating. Keep in mind that I workout almost everyday, so juicing isn’t a cure all! But clean eating is VERY important to maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle.

I was doing quite well on eating clean and then I just got stuck in a rut and sat there pitying myself for awhile! Once I realized that my “rut” was negatively influencing my school, work, and personal relationships I gave myself a kick in the butt! Luckily, I have understanding friends and family…can’t say the same for school! 🙂

Today is Day 1 – Cleaning up my Act!
I haven’t been perfect today, but I am consciously reminding myself that I want to eat clean and THAT’S why I can’t have any candy from the candy dish. 🙂 I started the day off with some peanut butter on a whole wheat tortilla and the later on in the morning I had PB on whole wheat crackers. (Again, not perfect…but not candy or chips!!) I’ve already had 32oz of water today (goal is 70oz/day). Because we were traveling this weekend for an out of town 5K – I didn’t have time to prepare lunches for the week. I opted for the salad bar at the local grocery store, used balsamic vinegar and steered away from processed cheeses and bacon bits! I also loaded up on fruits and veggies at lunch, making sure to get plenty of dark greens in my salad.

I'd say its been a successful day so far! Yahoo! 🙂



See a Mountain, Build a Staircase

Believe in You


Today, as I was wrapping up work, a coworker and I starting chatting about fitness and she asked me how I got started down the path of being fitness oriented. I’ll get into that later…but I believe she was asking because she may have been searching for a way to get her fitness back. Over the next couple weeks, I want to share a couple secrets that I have discovered over the past few years on my journey. Hopefully you can apply some of these to your journey or maybe they can help get you started on your own journey. Enjoy!

Secret #1: Acknowledge the mountain then build a staircase, one stair-step at a time.

When I first started out, I would look at pictures in magazines and fitness pros online and think to myself, oh man…there’s no way. “I might as well not even try” is what I would often tell myself. It would look like a huge mountain that I felt I needed to conquer NOW…no time like the present. Then I’ll start the ascent to the summit of the huge fitness mountain. A few days in I’d get overwelmed by the exhausting climb and tumble right back down onto a pile of soda, pop, pizza, and candy wrappers. Lots and lots of candy. I like Reese’s. Yuuuum. And Snickers….oh they are heaven.

Learn from my mistake, don’t try to conquer the entire mountain with one giant push. It takes more than that to get a baby out (so I’ve heard) and I’m pretty sure it’s going to take more than that to get the fat out!

My suggestion: Start with one stair-step at a time. My first stair step was going on a walk at least 3x  a week with my dog. I started with a walk around the block and my goal was 20 minutes. If one week I missed my walks or I didn’t make all 3, I said to myself “that’s ok, just keep building”. You’ll add a board to the step, knock some nails in tomorrow or next week, etc. Just focus on the step. You can do it. Self talk makes all the difference in the world. The world is full of negative self images and plenty of discouraging moments. Find peace and beauty in your own thoughts, after all, they are the only ones you can control! Whatever your first step is, focus on that step and not on the mountain. You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the summit but make sure you enjoy the hike, too!!

Once I was in the habit (it took a few months, so be patient) and it was just ‘what I did’ I starting researching and looking for just the right lumber to build the second step. My second step was to run at least 20 minutes. And I didn’t qualify it. It could be a walk, run, walk or walk, run, lay in the grass to catch my breath, walk, run, walk, etc. I just had to make 20 minutes of faster than a walk. So I had my stop watch ready and only ran the time when I was running. Because I stayed with it and focused on my stairsteps, I recently finished a 5k in 30 minutes (my personal record). I can’t tell you how proud I was of that accomplishment. I built a staircase to a race! What!

Amazing. I am amazing. It’s EXTREMELY important to recognize and take credit for the work you have put in and what you have accomplished. No matter how big or small, YOU DID IT!  Live in THAT moment.

I’m happy to say that today, 2 1/2 years after starting my hike up the mountain, I’m loving the view and looking forward to standing strong and building some more steps to the summit!

What is your first step???

Love Yourself First,

Kristin 😉

PS – I have officially registered for the 12-Week Transformation Challenge. Wahoo! I’m pretty nervous about it but excited at the same time!! I am hoping to add some muscle and define my shape. And basically, just be a bada$$. 🙂 That’s my ultimate goal. Check out my nutrition, workouts, and progress tabs to follow along the journey. 🙂

My 12-week Transformation Challenge – Week 1

Hello Readers! It’s been quite a while since I last posted…and just as I have slacked off on blogging – I’ve also slacked off on my fitness and nutrition. Not to the point of weight gain, but definitely not the kind of example I want to set as a fitness professional, a coach, a daughter, or a friend. I prefer to lead by example…and right now…I’m a bad example. How could I ever expect anyone to listen to my advice when I’m not following it to the T myself? I’m a hypocrit. Now, let’s not get carried away. I haven’t fallen off the deep end, but I’m not making the best choices either. Now that’s off my chest, I would like to share that I DID finish my goal of full-year without soda. Completed on January 2, 2013, one full year soda-free. Go ME! I actually stayed soda free until this past weekend. However, I only took a couple drinks of some Orange Soda and it was nasty. So…I’m trucking along without soda now because I simply don’t want it and not because I’m trying to avoid it. Go ME!

You are probably wondering what any of that has to do with the title of this post. My 12-week Transformation Challenge – Week 1. Well, my friends, that is the journey I am about to set out on. Every year, puts on a $100,000 Transformation Challenge. The grand prize is actually $50,000 plus other prizes and then prizes given away to First, Second, and Third places (1st, 2nd, 3rd for fat loss AND a 1st, 2nd, 3rd for muscle-building), plus weekly prizes are given out.

I plan to register for the challenge. I don’t expect to win any prizes, but I think it would be a great motivator and way to stay accountable. Once I register I will take photos and upload my stats and then have 12-weeks to complete the challenge. At the end of the 12-weeks, I will take photos and upload my stats again. In between those two photos, I will work my butt off and eat healthy and hopefully see some DRAMATIC results.

Anyway, I plan to update this blog along with the BodySpace blog on (photos and stats will be located there) once a week. 12-weeks + 12-posts = a more awesome ME! I will  be taking my initial photos and recording stats tomorrow (January 29, 2013). My BodySpace member name is KristinRox (I need all the self-encouragement I can get!!!). I haven’t updated that profile yet, so not much to see there. But once I register tomorrow it’ll have all the info in it for stats and photos (don’t judge me!).

If you’d like to follow along, I welcome you. If you have any tips, I welcome you. I ALWAYS welcome encouraging words!! Leave comments below if you wish, start your own journey along with me, or just follow along for updates on the most grueling 12-weeks of my LIFE!

Peace Out!

Kristin 🙂

PS – If you want your own chance to win $50,000 plus other fabulous prizes…you have to register by January 31, 2013!! Good luck!

Taste-Test: Shakeology

I have a confession. I signed up to be a beach body coach (sell things like P90X, Insanity, Shakeology, etc) and I’m not doing the programs. This is a problem. In my defense, at one time, I did Hip Hop Abs and at a different time p90x. However, I didn’t complete either or have the AmAzInG results like the poster children of those programs. I’m not saying they aren’t great programs and have effective results, I’m just personally more of a gym-rat. I love the gym and I love working out with groups of people. Which is why I love teaching group fitness! 🙂  Definitely a competitor by nature, having someone next to me pushes me so much harder than the television screen. That being said, I signed up as a beach body coach because:

1) I thought it’d be a good way to make an extra income and

2) I have seen/heard a lot of good things about Shakeology and thought it would be the side of the business I could promote (hopefully).

The one hold-up is that I haven’t tried Shakeology, personally. It is a meal-replacement shake. The idea is that they pack it with nutrients, fruits, and veggies into simple and tasty shakes. You replace 1 meal a day with this shake (your most unhealthy meal, ideally) and you’ll enhance your weight-loss results in addition to the work-out program you are doing.

Currently, I work-out 6 days a week so I’m covered on the work-out program. But I needed to try the shakes before I felt comfortable promoting them. So thus begins my Shakeology experimenting/taste-testing. To start, I am always on the go and carrying a blender around with me isn’t exactly ideal (The instructions tell you to take one of the individually packaged servings and mix with 8fl. oz of water, milk, almond milk, etc. in a blender with ice thus making a shake). But, to give it a fair-shot I tried it with the blender first…here were my results:

Taste-test 1: Greenberry flavor, blender, mixed with ice, water, and frozen mixed berries.
Results = messy, lots of cleaning, the taste was less than pleasing, and one packet made WAAAY to much to drink in one sitting with the added ice and berries. Which would normally be a great money-saving idea, however, now I don’t know exactly how many nutrients I’m receiving. This is a problem.

Conclusion….blender is out of the picture plus I don’t have the extra time every morning to mix the shake, clean the blender, pack my lunch, make breakfast, and get to work on time. Because I drink protein shakes after I work-out, I have a couple blender bottles. They are basically water bottles with a round spring-like ball inside used to break up the powder and mix more effectively. If Shakeology can work with my blender bottle, then it’s got my vote…well half-way. 🙂

Blender-Bottle Trials

Taste-test 2: Greenberry flavor mixed with 8 fl oz. of water. Simpliest and quickest mix on the go.

Results: While it mixed well in my blender-bottle it tasted gross. I felt all kinds of feelings about this greenberry flavor mixed with water and none of them were pleasant.

I got very discouraged at this point. Luckily, a friend of my roommate was a beach body coach in the past and said he loved Shakeology. Wahoo! Some insight, GREAT!! He suggested I mix it with vanilla rice milk. While rice milk took a little bit to get used to because of the sweetness, it really mixed well with the Shakeology powder. My next taste-test would be with vanilla rice milk. I ventured to the local supermarket to pick up some rice milk. As I browsed the organic section (the only place I can find those wacky types of milk) I came across Coconut Milk. There are two different brands, one with 10% DV Calcium and the other with 45% DV Calcium. Since I don’t drink regular milk (due to a bit of lactose intolerance that makes fresh milk taste sour to me) I thought the Vanilla Coconut Milk with 45% DV per serving would be an excellent option. Plus, I love coconut!! =)

Taste-test 3: Chocolate flavor mixed with 10 fl oz. vanilla coconut milk and 1 TBS ground flax seed. Flax/Chia seeds are excellent supplements to add to your diet and promote brain function. (pictures below)

Results: Not bad. It’s a little bit thick, but I can get over that…or mess around with how much milk I put in it. It tastes like I look a godiva dark chocolate bar, melted it down, and now I’m drinking it. I wish I was a bigger fan of dark chocolate!! =) All in all, I’m satisfied with this most recent taste test and won’t completely write-off Shakeology. Maybe just give-away the greenberry flavor and stick with chocolate! 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If anyone has tried/currently uses the Shakeology or a similar product and would like to add your two-sense about what flavors to mix with it. Please leave a comment!! I welcome any and ALL suggestions! =)

Live Well,


New Venture and Adventure!!

Exciting News! I’ve just become a BeachBody Coach!! BeachBody has created the programs P90X, Insanity, Brazil Butt Lift, etc. and meal replacement shake – Shakeology.

I’ll be posting updates and more information periodically as I get started with this new adventure. I’m looking forward to trying out Shakeology and seeing some great and exciting results!!! You can check out my BeachBody website here:

I look forward to working with you!!

Live Well,