Taste-Test: Shakeology

I have a confession. I signed up to be a beach body coach (sell things like P90X, Insanity, Shakeology, etc) and I’m not doing the programs. This is a problem. In my defense, at one time, I did Hip Hop Abs and at a different time p90x. However, I didn’t complete either or have the AmAzInG results like the poster children of those programs. I’m not saying they aren’t great programs and have effective results, I’m just personally more of a gym-rat. I love the gym and I love working out with groups of people. Which is why I love teaching group fitness! ūüôā¬† Definitely a competitor by nature, having someone next to me pushes me so much harder than the television screen. That being said, I signed up as a beach body coach because:

1) I thought it’d be a good way to make an extra income and

2) I have seen/heard a lot of good things about Shakeology and thought it would be the side of the business I could promote (hopefully).

The one hold-up is that I haven’t tried Shakeology, personally. It is a meal-replacement shake. The idea is that they pack it with nutrients, fruits, and veggies into simple and tasty shakes. You replace 1 meal a day with this shake (your most unhealthy meal, ideally) and you’ll enhance your weight-loss results in addition to the work-out program you are doing.

Currently, I work-out 6 days a week so I’m covered on the work-out program. But I needed to try the shakes before I felt comfortable promoting them. So thus begins my Shakeology experimenting/taste-testing. To start, I am always on the go and carrying a blender around with me isn’t exactly ideal (The instructions tell you to take one of the individually packaged servings and mix with 8fl. oz of water, milk, almond milk, etc. in a blender with ice thus making a shake). But, to give it a fair-shot I tried it with the blender first…here were my results:

Taste-test 1: Greenberry flavor, blender, mixed with ice, water, and frozen mixed berries.
Results = messy, lots of cleaning, the taste was less than pleasing, and one packet made WAAAY to much to drink in one sitting with the added ice and berries. Which would normally be a great money-saving idea, however, now I don’t know exactly how many nutrients I’m receiving. This is a problem.

Conclusion….blender is out of the picture plus I don’t have the extra time every morning to mix the shake, clean the blender, pack my lunch, make breakfast, and get to work on time. Because I drink protein shakes after I work-out, I have a couple blender bottles. They are basically water bottles with a round spring-like ball¬†inside used to break up the powder and mix more effectively. If Shakeology can work with my blender bottle, then it’s got my vote…well half-way. ūüôā

Blender-Bottle Trials

Taste-test 2: Greenberry flavor mixed with 8 fl oz. of water. Simpliest and quickest mix on the go.

Results: While it mixed well in my blender-bottle it tasted gross. I felt all kinds of feelings about this greenberry flavor mixed with water and none of them were pleasant.

I got very discouraged at this point. Luckily, a friend of my roommate was a beach body coach in the past and said he loved Shakeology. Wahoo! Some insight, GREAT!!¬†He suggested I mix it with vanilla¬†rice milk. While rice milk took a little bit to get used to because of the sweetness, it really mixed well with the Shakeology powder. My next taste-test would be with vanilla rice milk. I ventured to the local supermarket to pick up some rice milk. As I browsed the organic section (the only place I can find those wacky types of milk) I came across Coconut Milk. There are two different brands, one with 10% DV Calcium and the other with 45% DV Calcium. Since I don’t drink regular milk (due to a bit of¬†lactose intolerance that makes fresh milk taste sour to me) I thought the Vanilla Coconut Milk with 45% DV per serving would be an excellent option. Plus, I love coconut!! =)

Taste-test 3: Chocolate flavor mixed with 10 fl oz. vanilla coconut milk and 1 TBS ground flax seed. Flax/Chia seeds are excellent supplements to add to your diet and promote brain function. (pictures below)

Results: Not bad. It’s a little bit thick, but I can get over that…or mess around with how much milk I put in it. It tastes like I look a godiva dark chocolate bar, melted it down, and now I’m drinking it. I wish I was a bigger fan of dark chocolate!! =) All in all, I’m satisfied with this most recent taste test and won’t completely write-off Shakeology. Maybe just give-away¬†the greenberry flavor and stick with chocolate! ūüėČ

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If anyone has tried/currently uses the Shakeology or a similar product and would like to add your two-sense about what flavors to mix with it. Please leave a comment!! I welcome any and ALL suggestions! =)

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New Venture and Adventure!!

Exciting News! I’ve just become a BeachBody Coach!! BeachBody has created the programs¬†P90X, Insanity, Brazil Butt Lift, etc.¬†and meal replacement¬†shake – Shakeology.

I’ll be posting updates and more information periodically as I get started with this new adventure. I’m looking forward to trying out Shakeology and seeing some great and exciting results!!! You can check out my BeachBody website here: http://beachbodycoach.com/healthylivingk

I look forward to working with you!!

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Personal Mantra

Hard to overcome cravings on the weekends? Don’t have the energy to exercise? Develop a personal mantra to repeat to yourself whenever you are feeling down in the dumps or unmotivated!

My personal mantra:

If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done. (i.e. get out of bed at 5am!) Sometimes, I shorten it to: Do something you’ve don’t do! It took me about a year, but I’ve been working out at 5am consistently¬†for the past several weeks and even teach a 5am yoga class now!!!


Another personal mantra:

“Fighters don’t quit, fighters don’t whine, they don’t complain. They do the work. DO THE WORK!” -Adapted from something Dolvett said to a contestant on Biggest Loser. I repeat this mantra when I feel lazy! =)

What’s your personal mantra???

Here are some of my favorites:

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And now for some motivational & educational¬†moments…

Now get out there and have a great week!!

Be Healthy, Live Well.