Day 10: Eat Clean!

Day 10 – Review!

I did really well yesterday on keeping it clean! Mondays & Wednesdays are my most difficult days to stay on track because they are brutally long and filled with excuses to screw up. The defining moment is between classes. I usually have 30-45 minutes between class. Not enough time to go home, or Subway, cafeteria is closed at this time of night, but vending machines are open and NOW ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS!! WHAT!! Yep, it’s true…you can charge $1.00 to your credit for a Snickers from the college campus vending machine, which is exactly what I did on Monday.

Still feeling empowered from Tuesday’s post, I wanted Wednesday (yesterday) to be successful. I prepared by grabbing a big ole’ bag of edamame at lunch and stuck it in the freezer at work. Right before I left for class, I snacked on edamame so I wouldn’t be starving after the first class. I also made sure to pack extra oranges and apples in my lunch so I wouldn’t run out if in a pinch. I took my peanut butter with me, my whole wheat tortillas, and a couple apples. I definitely packed too much for the ‘between class’ break. But I know that this is my weakest moment of the day, so I needed plenty of backups to avoid hitting up the vending machine. After my first class, I sat in my car and happily painted peanut butter on a tortilla while jamming out to some music just a little too loud. 🙂 Yum. Then I enjoyed a delicious apple and slapped on some PB every couple bites. I was feeling good and ready for class. Success! No vending machine temptation here. Phew.

Here’s how the rest of my day went:

Breakfast: Almonds
Mid-Morning Snack: Peanut butter tortilla
Lunch: Chicken with onions, fresh green beans, and sweet bell peppers
Mid-Afternoon Snack: Edamame
Dinner: Peanut butter tortilla and an apple.

The boyfriend’s mom gave him some seasoned chicken that he cooked this past weekend in the crock pot. It smells good, but looks really weird so we were steering clear of it. I decided to be brave and have some for lunch. I’m not sure what the seasoning was, but it was delicious! I reheated it on the stove with a little garlic and some extra virgin olive oil then set it aside. Sauteed onions, fresh green beans, and sweet bell peppers together then added the chicken once the veggies were nice and soft. It was really yummy and I’m planning to do the same thing for lunch today!

I’m feeling good about my food choices and staying away from the mini chocolate chips and candy dish! 🙂 Go me!

Have a great day and make good choices!!



Eat Clean!

Alright – I haven’t been too consistent in my posts like I promised over the past six weeks. That is when I started the 12-week transformation challenge. I haven’t been consistent with that challenge either! But that’s ok, sometimes we fall down. The trick is getting back up and trying again!

So, I’m after it again. Working to change my life from meh- okay to freaking awesome! One positive change: I just discovered the WordPress app in iPhone!!! Duh! There’s an app for everything! Maybe now my posts will be more consistent…because I am always on this thing! 🙂

Anyway, the boyfriend and I are going to test out juicing and clean eating. Keep in mind that I workout almost everyday, so juicing isn’t a cure all! But clean eating is VERY important to maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle.

I was doing quite well on eating clean and then I just got stuck in a rut and sat there pitying myself for awhile! Once I realized that my “rut” was negatively influencing my school, work, and personal relationships I gave myself a kick in the butt! Luckily, I have understanding friends and family…can’t say the same for school! 🙂

Today is Day 1 – Cleaning up my Act!
I haven’t been perfect today, but I am consciously reminding myself that I want to eat clean and THAT’S why I can’t have any candy from the candy dish. 🙂 I started the day off with some peanut butter on a whole wheat tortilla and the later on in the morning I had PB on whole wheat crackers. (Again, not perfect…but not candy or chips!!) I’ve already had 32oz of water today (goal is 70oz/day). Because we were traveling this weekend for an out of town 5K – I didn’t have time to prepare lunches for the week. I opted for the salad bar at the local grocery store, used balsamic vinegar and steered away from processed cheeses and bacon bits! I also loaded up on fruits and veggies at lunch, making sure to get plenty of dark greens in my salad.

I'd say its been a successful day so far! Yahoo! 🙂



Your Mind, Your Weapon

Hello everyone! I completed my very first triathlon (swim, bike, run) this past Sunday (June 24, 2012). And goodness gracious was it a challenge! The hardest part wasn’t even the race itself…it was starting. Signing up was simple, training was routine, and showing up was a given. But actually walking up to the start line and not turning and running away screaming…that was hard! I was seconds away from tears when my thoughts of leaving just cut off. I decided that I wouldn’t accept them anymore. It’s not that I turned them around positive and said ‘this will be the best day of your life’, but I refused to accept the negative thoughts of “oh gawd get me out of here!” I basically, stopped thinking.

Have you ever been told, ‘you’re trying too hard, that’s why you’re failing’?? Well I was definitely trying too hard to convince myself it would be okay. I needed to stop thinking all together and simply breathe.


Any challenge you take on in like, whether it’s a physical, emotional, spiritual, financial etc. challenge, always remember to breathe. And stop thinking…


Once I got my breathing under control and was a little more relaxed, I had a conversation with God. You can calling it praying or talking or talk to whomever you wish, but on this day He and I had a little chat. He informed me that I would not die and I believed Him. And I didn’t die. Kudos to God.

I also had to believe in myself and that I was physically and more importantly MENTALLY strong enough to complete the task in front of me.

Tip #3: JUST DO IT!

Several times I thought about slowing stalking out of the ‘atheletes area’ and retreating to my car, giving up before I started. But after going through tip 1 & 2 – I didn’t really have that option. If I walked away, I would admit disbelief. That was not happening. For lack of a better term, I spaced out and just made my way into the water getting ready to start. Then I took it piece by piece. Make it to the first yellow bouy. Ok, I’m at the first bouy, make it to the first turn, ok I’m there, now next bouy, and so on. I slowly talked my way through the entire race setting mini goals as I went.

And I finished! With 45minutes to spare!! Phew!

If I had been off my game mentally, I would’ve had to be pulled from the water. How embarrassing!! No thank you. If your mind is on target, nothing can stop you.

Live Well,


Healthy Living with Kristin!

Welcome to my blog!! I have always been passionate about health and leading an active lifestyle and how to incorporate it while enjoying life. As a certified personal trainer and pursuer of constant activity, I’m usually the resource for friends and family when it comes to the latest health trends and exercise advice. So, I started this blog to share my journey with health and fitness and share my knowledge as well!

Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas along with any topics you would like to learn more about!

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